Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 272

News... and boy do I mean good news! I’m going to keep this short and sweet so we can all shout a joyful noise of praise. This last week I had a string of appointments at Seattle Cancer Care that lasted from 7a to late afternoon and by the last examination table I was told by all my doctors that I was doing way better than anyone could have imagined. My pain specialist was floored about my progress. My oncologist said it is amazing what I have accomplished in just one year. Then the best news came. My surgeon took my hand and told me my chance of getting breast cancer again is one to two percent. You don’t know what I left in that room when we walked out the door…weights fell off my shoulders when I heard that my percent of getting cancer again was as close to zero as we can get. I celebrate life because I have a life to live. I can breathe a sigh of relief and take the next step in my life with a smile on my face. I have beaten cancer. Sarah Elizabeth Lien has fought her battle and won.

Thank you for cheering me on to get this far! I still have much to accomplish to get back to where cancer found me but I am making up ground faster than doctors can even dream possible. And that is ONLY due to your prayers, donations, support and your love. Please keep me in your hearts as I work to regain what was lost plus much much more.

Love Always,


Anonymous said...

Celebrating the wonderful news & praising Jesus for answering our prayers!! Miss you lots! We've been in mono lockdown for a month...just coming up for air! Love you bunches! Auntie Lynda xoxo

Anonymous said...

Praise God, That is such wonderful news! You are such a strong young woman. You and your hubby have so much to look forward too in your future.
God Bless you sweetie!
XOXO Gloria Strege

Anonymous said...

God is good! We all stand amazed as HIS plan unfolds for you.

Chellie Dee said...

Praise the Lord! You've got me in tears!

Anonymous said...

This makes my day to hear, Sarah! I'm so excited to see where the next chapter in your life will lead you, as I'm sure it's somewhere amazing. --Stephanie

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU JESUS!!! What a testamony you are and have been to so many. So happy for you and your family. Carol Harger

Anonymous said...

Sarah- PRAISE THE LORD!!!! I actually got this glorious news from the postcard you sent out with this update. I was completely overwhelmed with joy from this report! Along with many others I prayed for you - my mom and I would meet once a week and you were on our list. I'm sure you understand that you become pretty emotionally attached to someone when you purposfully pray for them regularly. I was elated about this news - I posted it to my facebook page just prior to this comment, because I believe that we should SHOUT IT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOPS when the Lord is faithful to us and when he answers our prayers! And that maybe it would give hope those that struggle with this disease, there is Hope! Praise the LORD for his faithfulness to you, thank you thank you for sharing this news!
In Christ Jesus!
Kristen McGuire
(we were in the same small group for The Frazzled Female)