Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Surgery...Coming Soon

Sarah's reconstructive surgery is coming up really soon. It is on Wednesday the 19th, just one week from today. Even though the thought of surgery is never fun, Sarah is really looking forward to getting the painful tissue expanders removed from her chest and having her permanent implants placed. However, we do still need quite a lot of prayer on this subject. Sarah and I have put a lot of hope in the idea that this surgery could really help her get past the health issues she has been facing for the last year. Ever since Sarah’s double mastectomy surgery a year ago, she has had to be on almost constant pain medication due to the discomfort of the expanders. That pain medication, while necessary now, has wreaked havoc on Sarah’s body. She has been almost always nauseous 24/7, sometimes throwing up, she can’t eat all that well, and she has had lots of problems with dehydration. All these symptoms started after her first surgery when she had to start on pain medication. Our hope, is that with the comfortable permanent implants, Sarah’s pain would drastically decrease taking with it all of the terrible side effects of the pain meds that she has had to deal with. This hope is not a pipe dream, but based on the experiences of people like Sarah’s mom who have walked this same road and have told us of their experiences. The prayer we need is in a specific area. We desperately need this surgery to be the change that brings back Sarah’s ability to eat well, exercise, and do many of the day-to-day tasks that she so desperately wants to return to doing. She has been constantly held back by searing pain and difficult side effects of harsh medications. We truly believe that the removal of pain and meds will be the catalyst to launch Sarah into full recovery from the past year and a half of treatments and setbacks. Please pray with us that God will act on Sarah’s behalf and bring a real change followed by complete restoration for her. We are somewhat afraid that nothing will change and this time of pain and sickness will continue, but we are whole-heartedly putting all of our eggs in this “Final Surgery” basket. Please put all of your eggs in there with us!
P.S. Even though Sarah has had all of this to deal with, she has still somehow found a way to keep her dream of helping children in Africa alive! Sarah has listed her first Emalene crocheted baby hat for sale on Etsy. She will be listing more and more of her items in the days to come. I am so very proud that Sarah is taking life by force and living her dreams.
The link to Sarah's Etsy shop is:
On her page you will find all of the hats that she has listed!

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