Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another Prayer Request

Tomorrow Sarah is having an MRI of her head. Sarah has had some dizziness and has fainted a few times over the past few weeks. Sarah has had bruises on her legs and bumps on her head from falling when she passes out. It has been very scary for her to wake up on the floor not knowing how long she has been out. I have become more and more worried about her safety when I leave her home when I'm at work, but I know that God is her protector.

The MRI is at 2:15 so please pray that all will be well. Sarah's doctors are just not willing to take any chances that something is wrong. However, they don't think that they will find anything either. Please pray that the results will come quickly as this will be a scary time of waiting for Sarah and the rest of us.

Thanks for praying,


On a happier note...we celebrated Sarah's dad's birthday tonight with lots of family and friends and some special guests Sarah's niece Elizabeth and her parents Joe and Susan. It was a wonderful night of laughter before Sarah's hard day tomorrow. We will treasure all the fun that we had.

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