Monday, September 5, 2011

Plese Pray...

Sarah's health has taken a few steps back lately. She has been struggling once again with dehydration. The hard thing is that her main doctor right now has told her that he thinks she doesn't need fluids and that she is not truly dehydrated. However, all of the nurses she sees tell her that she is clearly dehydrated. Frustrating! Whenever Sarah goes in for hydration, it always takes the nurses numerous tries to get an IV started leaving her hand sore for days. This is a clear sign of dehydration. This dehydration leaves Sarah feeling very nauseous and often leads to her throwing up. As you can imagine this puts a serious damper on her nutrition. We are trying to get Sarah on a schedule of weekly infusions of fluid just to give her body a weekly boost.
One positive note is that for now Sarah has found a pain med that does seem to be helping, but with every medication comes a slurry of side effects. More nausea...more drowsiness...when does it end. The truth is...until Sarah can be off of most of her medications needed for pain and nausea, alot of the negative side effects won't improve. With that in mind, we are looking forward very eagerly to Sarah's last surgery. Her full reconstruction. This surgery will remove the painful tissue expanders that are in Sarah's chest now and replace them with more comfortable permanent implants. It is my feeling that with the source of pain in her chest gone, Sarah will be able to get off most of her tough medications. In my mind this should vastly improve her ability to fully recover from the last year and a half of treatments.

Sarah is also struggling a great deal with depression (who can blame her). My poor wife has been sick now for a year and a half. Sarah's birthday is coming up this month and when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she commented that truly she wanted the last two years of her life back. She was 24 when this all started and now she will be 26. I am sure it is hard to look back and realize that two years of your twenties have been taken away from you. My biggest prayer request would be that very soon God would give my wife the complete recovery that she longs for and that he would enable us to live out some of our dreams so we can put all of this sickness and hurt behind us.

Thanks for continuing to love my wife.


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