Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 22 - The Interview

The Interview: (almost) Unfiltered
Ellice Lien (blog administrator): What has been your greatest blessing so far?
Sarah: Our Hawaii trip. It really gave us time to process.

Ellice: Your favorite moment?
Kirk: Seeing the sun touch down on the horizon in Maui.
Sarah: The sunset [in Hawaii].

Ellice: What is something you have experienced through this that you never want to do ever again?
Sarah: Having fertility shots – 2 every single night from the one that you’re supposed to love…even when  you’re in Hawaii.
Kirk: Giving Sarah the injections.

Ellice: Sarah, what has been your favorite food since starting Chemo?
Sarah: Velveeta Instant Mac & Cheese.

Ellice: In one word, what are you feeling today?
Sarah: Overwhelmed.
Kirk: Helpless.

Ellice: Over the last 22 days, what has been the hardest thing thus far?
Sarah: Feeling like everything is being stripped from me – my independence, my beauty, my worth, my choice to start a family, my filter...I say everything and anything at any time & it usually comes out mean. Cancer is so obnoxious! I feel like I’m a child that needs so much care and like I can’t give back to people.
Kirk: Having to go to work and not being able to be with Sarah all the time.

Ellice: What has God been speaking into your heart/how has this impacted you?
Sarah: How much we are loved & blessed. There is an overwhelming sense of God’s love/hand coming out of people blessing us. God’s provision is just everywhere.
Kirk: It restores your faith in people...that even people I don’t know are moved and doing things for us.

Ellice: What are you the most thankful for?
Sarah: Anti-nausea IV’s.
Kirk: Family & friends.
Kirk (in response to Sarah’s answer): Not particularly in that order! [laughing]

Ellice: If you could name one hope for the future, what would that be?
Sarah: It’s plural. Children.
Ellice: Kirk, what is your one hope for the future?
Sarah interjects: Nice breasts for me! -- See! No filter!
Kirk: I want Sarah to come out of this with a positive outlook and for her to be able to see herself how other people see her and know that she will always be as beautiful as she felt before this started.

Ellice: What is your wildest dream?
Sarah: It’s to be a mother and make lunches for my kids on little animal face plates.
Sarah: I didn’t tell you I was thinking about twins!
Ellice: Kirk, how about you?
Kirk (hesitantly): To be honest, I just want a car that doesn’t leak water all over the floor.
Sarah interjects: You know what it is! You want to own a recording studio!
Kirk: Oh yeah, I forgot.
[Sarah laughs]

Ellice: What makes you smile?
Sarah: Flowers.
Ellice: Kirk, what makes you smile?
Mom Lien interjects: Mother fixing you food. :-)
Kirk: When Sarah goes from crying to laughing in one moment.
Kirk (one minute later): I should have said watching TV in HD.
[K&S’s laughter follows]

Ellice: It's a wrap! Check back in a week for the next exciting installment!

Reader Participation:
Do you have a question you would like to ask Sarah & Kirk?  Send your query (along with your name, city and state) to sarahshope2010@yahoo.com and maybe it will be featured in the next interview! Feel free to have fun and get creative! Serious or random – it’s up to you!

Sarah's mom, Barb, came over to her house and hung out for the afternoon. Later, Kirk & Sarah did a little apartment shopping - the housing search continues!

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