Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 30

This afternoon Sarah went to the hospital for a one-on-one 'Look Good, Feel Better' appointment with Volunteer Kathleen, as she had to miss the last group session in favor of her first Chemo treatment. (The 'Look Good, Feel Better' program is a great resource that provides free make-up, lotion, info about sunscreen and cancer-specific make-up consultations - i.e. how to pencil in your eyebrows once they fall out.) Before Sarah & Kathleen got started, the American Cancer Society representative in the Cancer Resource Center asked Sarah if she would mind being interviewed on camera. The local ACS chapter is filming survivors and current patients for their upcoming fund-raising event on the 24th. Sarah agreed to the interview and even let them film her without her wig! ACS will be sending us the video in the near future, so check back to see this exciting moment!

Tonight Sarah hit the town for a fun night out! Seattle's 5th Avenue Theater always promises a great show and tonight's musical experience was 'On The Town'. What a day!

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Dinner at The Purple Cafe with Mamma Hawk's Ladies

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