Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 122

Last Chemo Day (six to go):
Monday was a day of celebration as Sarah went in for her sixth and last chemo treatment and the theme was "Princess"! Balloons, a tiara, a specially designed t-shirt, and sparkling apple cider toasts were all included in making this day special. Sarah is done with chemo!!! I can’t say enough how proud I am of my wife. She has made it through 18 weeks of one of the toughest regiments of chemo given. Not only did she make it through, as she always does, she made the most out of this truly awful situation. You won’t catch Sarah without a glowing smile on her face. Her story continues to be such an inspiration to others who are facing hardship themselves. On this last chemo day we weren’t just celebrating that Sarah had made it this far, we were celebrating the way in which she has persevered through the toughest thing in her life. As the chemo comes to a close, it is still hard to feel excited. The coming months will bring additional hardships that will definitely test Sarah’s strength once again. It isn’t easy to think about surgeries and radiation, but I know that if my Sarah can make it through chemo therapy with her head held high, there is nothing that will truly defeat her. Today I am the proudest husband. I have the best wife on the planet!!!

Sarah and I would like to thank each and every one who has supported us thus far. Not only have we never once had to worry about how to pay a medical bill, more importantly we have felt your prayers. We wouldn’t be making it without you guys.

Thank You,
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