Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 136

A note from Kirk...

Sarah is having a fantastic time on her Alaskan cruise! From comedians to wildlife, from the sky bridge to formal nights, there is just so much that she is taking advantage of both on board and on shore. I am happy to tell you that Sarah has not gotten sick once! Every time she calls me (which is maybe once a day for lack of cell service) she always sounds so great. I can hear my true Sarah starting to come out again. The effects of the chemo are fading into the distance and with added strength comes a confidence that I can notice just by hearing her voice. Sarah is not able get pictures to me or to write to all of you because the ship charges an arm and a leg for Internet access. I guess they have to get you somehow. As soon as she gets back we will write a post with lots of pictures so you all can see what Sarah has enjoyed so much.

Thank you all for consistently being there for us through this first phase of Sarah's treatment. I know there will be plenty of emotional issues that come along with her upcoming surgeries, but I know that chemo-therapy was the worst physical obstacle she will have to overcome. Please continue to keep Sarah in your prayers so she can regain enough strength to tackle the next step.


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Anonymous said...

Big hugs for both of you! Thank the Lord that she is through this phase and we will continue to pray. Love you bunches, Auntie Lynda, Dustin & Shelby xoxo