Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 10

7:00am: It's off to radiology for Sarah's first MUGA scan. This scan shows the baseline of her heart function and measures her left ventrical - a necessary prep for chemo treatments.

Sarah's Quote-of-the-Day: 
"It makes me feel like more of a woman to be wearing high-heels during my heart scan." :-)

Warrior Woman
One Hot Lab...
...For One Hot & Radio Active Mama!
It's All About the Shoes
Sarah's Date With "Phil"
A Perfect Heart

9:15am: Sarah & Kirk head back to Seattle Reproductive Medicine for another ultrasound. Great news! Sarah is all ready to go! Her egg retrieval surgery is now set for Saturday. Right on time! The staff at SRM have been so great throughout this whole process!

 Sarah & Brit have blood drawn for the 2nd time today!
Checking On Those Future Babies!
One Last Fertility Shot
K&S with SRM's Sarah Sullivan

1:50pm: Sarah has a meeting with a Physician's Assistant at the Providence Regional Cancer Partnership.
2:50pm: The official tour of the Chemotherapy area.
This meeting & walk-through was set up to discuss her chemotherapy treatments and the potential side effects, how these treatments will go and what to expect. Sarah will be on a tough regimen of Chemo during the next 18 weeks, and this can be a very difficult road to walk. Please pray that she will be filled with strength, that the side effects will be limited and that her immune system will stay up! Her first treatment is scheduled for Monday morning at 11:30. This will be a long and potentially challenging day, and prayer support will make all the difference in the world!

Praise Report!
Another $1600 has come in towards the cancer fund. What incredible provision!

A Note From Sarah:
"Thank you for all the prayers and support. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be dealing with cancer at 24, but God is making lemonade out of these lemons! If you would like to keep up with me and my roller coaster ride, please sign up as a follower!" 
Blessings to All,


Bonnie said...

Has any "2nd" mom ever been as blessed as I am to have YOU for a daughter? I am so proud of you and know how large our God is inside of you for I see His strength and courage coming out of your life.

More love than I can express, Mom L

kholdaway said...

Sarah, you continue to be a shining light of hope throughout all this mess. I continue to pray for your strength when things are quiet and not as busy.
There is none holy as Jehovah; For there is none besides You, there is no other rock like our God. I Sam 2:2
We're rooting for the truth to win out in you. We couldn't possibly do otherwise. We don't just put up with our limitations; we celebrate them, and then go on to celebrate every strength, every triumph of the truth in you. We pray hard that it will all come together in your life. II Cor 13:5b
Love you Sarah.