Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 4

8:30am: Kirk & Sarah got through airport security with no challenges and are off to Maui! Many thanks to the friends and family who so generously sent them on this trip!

10:00am: Sarah's PET scan results came in. There is no cancer in her brain, bones, or liver! There is one small "undefined" spot in the lining of one of her lungs, but the doctor thinks it is just scar tissue from Sarah's asthma. However, they will be looking into that when K&S return from their weekend trip.

Miracle! Another $1,000 came in towards their Tuesday fertility appointment. They are now more than halfway to their need of $7,000. God is so good!

Kirk called later in the evening - they arrived safe & sound at their destination. Big praise report: Sarah was able to sleep during the whole five hour flight! There have been blessings from the start, including: a free upgrade to a red, convertible Mustang and a room with a fantastic view. They are very grateful & excited to be there!


Mom Lien said...

Our God is awesome in all His ways!

Bertha Rachinski said...

I am thinking and praying for you both.. In studying Esther. we have been learning about the great and unexpected reversals of destiny! I pray that for you Sarah!!