Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 8

9:00am: Week 2 begins at Seattle Reproductive Medicine! It's a beautiful morning in Seattle. God has blessed Sarah with sunshine for her first appointment of the day - what a positive start! 
9:45am: Everything on the ultrasound is looking good, but Sarah's eggs are not quite ready for retrieval; another ultrasound will be required later this week. Please pray that things will move along so that Sarah is able to begin her Chemotherapy.

Sarah's Quote-of-the-Day:
'I feel like the Easter Bunny with all the "gathering of eggs!"' :-)

12:30pm: Sarah's first Oncology appointment with Dr. Oliver Batson at Providence Regional Cancer Partnership. It has been decided that Sarah will be receiving three kinds of Chemo per treatment and will be going through Chemotherapy 6 times over the course of 18 weeks. Doctors are also recommending radiation once Chemotherapy is completed, as it decreases the chance of local recurrence of cancer, but both Sarah & Kirk would like to avoid this. We are believing that this will not be a necessary part of Sarah's journey - radiation can negatively affect reconstruction results! Pray with us that this will not be needed! Great news during the meeting: Sarah was told that, because she is young and healthy, her ovaries have a good chance of bouncing back after Chemo. Hope, hope, hope!!!

3:00pm: Sarah arrives at The Trask Surgical Center for her Chemotherapy port operation. 
6:00pm: The port has been successfully inserted, and Sarah is now ready for Chemo next week. Sarah & 'Brit' made it through their first surgery together and came out smiling!

Praise Report!
The calculations are in! $8,410 came into the cancer fund in three days! That completely pays for this week's fertility procedures AND a wig for Sarah (she will be having a wig made from her own hair). So amazing!!!

Prayer Requests:
There will still be many medical costs in the days to come that will not be covered by insurance. Pray with us that God will continue to meet Kirk & Sarah's financial needs.


Hillary said...

Our God is so awesome to all, especially to his faithful warriors, Sarah and Kirk. We are all praying hard and know that we will see God's hand in each and every step of the way. Thank you Lord for providing.

Janice said...

Love ya honey...have a little present for you..will try to get it to you tomorrow! Love ya!