Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 16

Today Sarah met with Kristi Vitale, a licensed massage therapist who will be working on Sarah twice a week. Massage goes a long way to help lessen the pain of the Neulasta shot (something Sarah will be receiving after every Chemo treatment). Kristi prays for Sarah's body before she even starts, and Sarah feels like God moves through her hands. Thank you Kristi - you are such a blessing!!!

A co-worker of Kirk's (someone he has only met a couple of times!) sent this gift for Sarah today. This "Strength In A Jar" contains scripture verses for Sarah to unwrap and read for encouragement each day.

For some reason all Sarah seems to want to eat is Mexican food. :-) Her nutritionist would say: 'Eat away!'. With Chemotherapy, and especially in Sarah's case, one of the most important things is to eat, eat, eat (and drink all those fluids)! Mexican food it is!

A Note From Kirk & Sarah:
"We are feeling very blessed by the support that has come even from people we don't know or hardly know. Sarah is touching a lot of people. The love of God's hand stretches farther than we ever realized until now."

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