Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 14

11:30am: Sarah's first Chemotherapy treatment! There was a room full (and then some) of family and friends supporting Sarah & Kirk on this big day with hugs, smiles and laughter. Sarah's treatment was shorter than expected (less than five hours) and she had no major initial reactions to the Chemo! God is so good!

Laughter Hour:
With all those embryos awaiting, it was decided today that Kirk & Sarah may have a good shot at becoming future candidates for a show entitled '17 Kids & Counting' the event that TLC is looking for more material of the same kind. :-) K&S will definitely have their arms full one day with all those precious 'Babies-To-Be'!

Inspiring Moments:
During the course of Sarah's treatment, her mom, Barb, paid a visit to the Critical Care floor where she (Barb) works as a nurse. A patient and his wife overheard the nurses discussing Sarah's situation and they insisted that they wanted to donate some money to help out "that girl". This man had just undergone open-heart surgery! It continues to be incredible to see the generosity that comes pouring out of people's hearts - whether close friends or complete strangers!

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