Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 230

A Note From Kirk:
Sarah has been doing fairly well since starting radiation. Her skin has become a little red, but it hasn't caused her any discomfort so far. She still is having the weekly nausea, but now her new oncologist at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance has taken the reigns on that issue and has promised us that she will find the root of the problem. We have been absolutely thrilled with SCCA. They really show how much they care about their patients. It also very nice to see that they don't do the same "cookie cutter" treatments for every patient. Being partnered with the UW, they are constantly looking at all of Sarah's problems/concerns on a case by case basis. Never once have they done something just because that's the way its done. They are always on the leading edge of all the available treatments. I cannot tell you how much peace of mind it gives me to know that my wife's care is in the hands of some of the best doctors in the field of cancer.

Sarah is in the infusion clinic tonight getting her weekly fix of IV fluids, anti-nausea meds, and pain meds. She has not been sleeping almost at all, so I hope that all these IV meds make her drowsy enough to get a full night's sleep. We are very hopeful that Sarah's oncologist Dr. Korde will find a solution to all the nausea and maybe with some relief from that, normalcy for Sarah will start to return. I am very excited that this is the last month of this so far arduous year. Sarah will be done with radiation on January 5th and that marks the end of all the "tough" stuff. Once radiation is completed, Sarah will have 6 about months off and then begin all of her reconstructive surgery. I don't know about Sarah, but for me her reconstruction process doesn't feel like a negative. It is restoring and not taking something away from my sweet girl.

It has been really difficult to get into the habit of going to Seattle five days a week for Sarah's radiation treatments. With Sarah's exhaustion due to lack of sleep, Seattle every day has just added alot to her plate. For the next five weeks she will just feel like she is constantly playing catch up.

Please pray for Sarah over the next five weeks. She desperately needs rest in order to cope with this incredibly busy radiation schedule. For about two weeks she has only been sleeping about two to three hours a night and maybe only ten minutes at a atime after that. Not fun, and leading to extreme exhaustion for her. Her smiles are always there but with no sleep I can see the energy fading that it takes too keep up that beautiful smile.

Thanks for supporting my girl,


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Anonymous said...

I am a friend of a friend, on f/b. and saw the posting of Sara's blog. But most of all? I am a Friend of our Lord and will, definately, be in prayer for your dear Sarah. My heart is in it. I bless you both with Peace and Prosperity, to your land, and all of it's inhabitants. I too, just had something pretty severe happen in the last two months and sleep became a real issue regarding my recovery. I am now sleeping, but it didn't come until I found some music that calmed and spurred my Spirit to 'rest'. It really helped me to calm down and sleep. King David knew the power of the anointed song of the Lord and it still remains today, as the Lord love still remains and never fails.
I hope this helps you and Sarah, as well.
You will be able to see the two different players on this site that play continual worship/soaking beautifully anointed music.