Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 239

How many nurses does it take to put in an IV???
One…usually. However tonight was quite a different story. Sarah is in the infusion clinic tonight and the nurses were having a very difficult time finding a vein that would work. Finally on the fourth nurse and 7th try overall they got Sarah’s veins to cooperate. Sarah joked (as she often does) that tonight was like cheap acupuncture. Due to the issues they have had every time trying to get an IV started, Sarah is seriously considering having a chest port put back in. That decision would depend on how much longer her nausea remains an issue.

Sarah is nearing the end of her radiation treatments. Out of 28 she only has 9 left. Woohoo! Her skin is becoming more and more red and irritated with every additional treatment, but her doctor, nurses and radiation therapists are doing everything they can to make these treatments as pleasant as possible. For the most part, they have succeeded in that. Sarah absolutely loves her everyone in the SCCA radiation oncology department.

As Sarah’s treatments come to a close we are very anxious for this New Year to begin so we can start with a clean slate and leave all of this behind us. On that note we have begun to plan numerous vacations for the summer so we can have some time to relax together without the stresses that this year has brought. I often realize that Sarah and I have become acclimatized to life with cancer. Do we like it no, but when you do things day in and day out, that’s what ends up happening. We are both very impatiently waiting for the chance to have fun together again. It will take time for life to return to “normal”, but our “normal” has changed. We see most things in a very different light. We have a new appreciation for things like health, laughter and family. We also have a new appreciation for certain aspects of medical care. It is amazing how things like hospital ice can bring such comfort. Wait….hospital ice…??? Yes hospitals have the most fantastic ice! It isn’t solid, but it also isn’t liquid either. It is somewhere fantastically in between. If anyone is looking for any last minute gift ideas for Sarah, the answer is right here in front of you; a hospital ice machine. Let me tell you she would love you forever. Wait another minute am I even reading what I’m writing? If I got her the ice maker machine I could earn some serious “brownie points” (its sheer genius!!!)

Please pray that with the additional burn creams they have given her, Sarah’s skin would not continue to deteriorate with the remaining radiation treatments. Last night was especially tough for Sarah. Her skin is hurting so she took some pain killers. The meds didn’t take away her pain, but they made her nauseous. The combo of pain and nausea kept her up all night. She literally didn’t sleep one wink. Exhaustion has definitely set in. Sarah told me this morning that she watched me set my alarm and was wide awake when it went off for me to wake up. How frustrating that must have been…However Sarah always puts the positive spin on things. Today, we were talking about last night and she said, “Honey, it just gave me a chance to brush up on my late-night infomercials. Can I interest you in a micro-Hibachi or some Ginsu knives? Only $19.95, but wait! If you order now well throw in a second one for free!!!” As funny as that may sound, please pray that sleepless nights don’t continue to happen.

Thanks for reading! You are all awesome!!!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah,
Ive been reading your posts since your first started to journal.
I was 32 when I had BC and I did find out I was Brca positive.
I know that your so worn out with the radiation, I also got sores from it. Your almost done with the treatment. Your Doctor might choose to delay your treatment.
Just hang in there and know that someday you will have all this past you. Your life will return to normal. Keep posting and knowing that you will get better.