Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 236

This week is the start of our new experiment to fight Sarah’s nausea. As I mentioned before, Sarah will be going in to the infusion clinic twice a week for hopefully just fluids to see if keeping well hydrated stops her nausea dead in its tracks. We do have one concern. Every time Sarah goes in she has to get an IV. This is very hard on her veins and is becoming more of a problem because after her surgery Sarah can now only get IV’s in her left arm. The doctor’s are talking about the possibility of putting in another port in her chest. Sarah really does not want to do this as it would require another surgery. Please pray with me that the Sarah’s nausea will subside very soon so we can leave this all behind us.

As radiation continues, Sarah skin continues to get more and more red and irritated. She says that by Christmas her skin will be as red as Rudolph’s nose and Santa will need her on Christmas Eve to guide his sleigh. Guess who gets to join in on the reindeer games this year.

Your support means the world to us. Keep the love coming our way.


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Mama B said...

Sis you are the strongest woman I have ever seen(well you and mom) I am soo thankful and blessed to have you not only as my sister but as one of my best friends. Your such a special person and I am so glad that your story has inspired soo many!!! Your amazing Sister!!!!!!