Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 237

Fun facts about Sarah:
Her hair is growing like crazy. It is now an inch and a quarter! We thought it was coming in straight and a little darker but as the months go by we are seeing soft curls…well half curls; her hair isn’t long enough to be full curls yet. Sarah is excited to go through all the hair styles from being bald to french braids. What a trooper this girl is. She shelved her wigs and head scarves as soon as possible and has been sporting the Audrey Hepburn look ever since. Occasionally people stare at my darling wife and boy does it make me mad but Sarah shrugs it off and makes a joke about it and says “they are just staring at how gorgeous I am!” Sarah doesn’t know how right she is. People come up to her everywhere and say things like “I just love your hair” or “You are so brave to cut your hair so short”; she smiles, takes the compliment and hands them a blogspot ribbon.

Another Sarah fact is she is a yarn fanatic! Our apartment looks like a yarn ball exploded. Her notes, hats, pictures and of course yarn is scattered on the table and couch. Every day I see new creations that are so very “Sarah”. She soon will launch Emalene, a business she has started with my sister. I can’t wait to see what this new year will bring!

Keep Sarah in your prayers. She goes into the infusion clinic on Friday for fluids and hopefully her nausea won’t return. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and our prayers flowing!


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Heather Mayer said...

You look so beautiful in this pic :) Hope you have a Merry Christmas~~