Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 100

A quick note from Kirk: 
We are so thrilled for the great news of Sarah’s CT scan results! We are thanking God for this amazing outcome of Chemo treatments. Because the fifth Chemo treatment is knocking her strength and energy down once again, it is a little hard for the full impact of a clean scan to sink in. However, all the comments on the blog and text messages have really helped Sarah feel the joy of all her supporters. It really makes me smile when she gets a message on her phone because I know that even though she doesn’t feel that great at the moment, she knows that she is in the hearts of those who truly love her. I sincerely appreciate all the love that everyone has showed my Sarah through the hardest time in her life. You guys make all the difference!!!
Alfy’s Ribbon Campaign: 
Last week we went up to Granite Falls Alfy’s Pizza to see all the ribbons they had sold for Sarah in their “Ribbon Campaign.”  As of today our friends Bob and Sherri who own the Granite Falls location said they had sold over 600 ribbons to their walk-in and delivery customers! Isn’t that incredible? They are having a store wide competition to see who can sell the most ribbons for Sarah. The whole staff is so excited to do anything that can help us out in any way. We really owe a great Thank You to Sherri for organizing the campaign as well as getting Sarah’s Hope donation jars at all the Alfy’s locations. Even I was kind of shocked when I walked into Snohomish Alfy’s down the street from our new house and saw a flyer about us next to a donation jar. It is neat to see how Sarah’s story has touched so many people and brought on such compassion and generosity even in these tougher economical times. We are truly amazed at all the miraculous ways that God has provided for us financially. We want to say “Thank You” to anyone who has donated to the “Ribbon Campaign” or the donation jars. A special shout out is in order to our good friends Bob and Sherri for all they do and have done. You guys really go the extra mile for us. We love you guys!!!
Kirk and Sarah
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