Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 81

A Note From Kirk:
I am so incredibly proud of my wife. She is so strong and tries so hard to fight what is going on in her body. The doctors have said that she is doing much better than they expected and I know that is truly because of the fight that she has within her. The fact that things like cancer and chemo therapy are trying to strip her of her independence gives her even more resolve to fight and not let this be who she is; merely what she is going through. I love Sarah more than I can even express with words and watching her go through this is extremely difficult, especially when there is nothing I as a husband can physically do. I find myself thinking only about the one thing I can do: to make sure that she taken care of to the highest level. Thankfully, I have all of my family to help! Without them Sarah and I would be in shambles physically and emotionally. Sarah is not only fighting for herself right now, but she is fighting for me, her family, our future children, and for all the dreams that she has - none of which she will allow cancer to steal away from her. Sarah has such incredible resolve and is completely unwilling to accept defeat. It is these traits perfectly blended with her faith in her God that I know will see her all the way through. My wife is a fighter.....and I love her for it!

 "This is the Sarah that I still see. To me she is unchanged."

Thanks for following our journey,


Heather Shilts Murray said...

Sarah you are such an inspiration to all! It amazes me when I see picture of you going through an incredible difficult trial with such a beautiful smile on your face! You are truely beautiful inside and out! I find myself check this blog daily to see how you are doing and to pray for all of you. Keep smiling in the face of adversity. Its an inspiration to all and truely a gift of God!

Mom Lien said...

You go girl!! "In Your strength I can crush an army; with my God I can scale any wall." 2 Samuel 22:30(NLT)
Emmanuel---God with YOU, now and forever, giving you what you need for each day.