Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 107

Kids Are Awesome!!!

At Valley View Middle School (Papa Hawk’s Work) there were two students who all on their own decided to do a school project that would raise cancer awareness! As part of their project these two guys decided to sell root beer floats and breast cancer ribbons during one day’s school lunches. They called the project “Hope Floats” and much to our surprise wanted to donate all the proceeds to Sarah. Upon hearing of this project, I had my guesses and ballpark dollar figures that I assumed a lunchtime event like this might bring in, but the result, I was completely floored by! In one lunch time consisting of two half hour lunches all 7th and 8th graders, these two boys raised almost $1500!!! This, of course, blew all of our minds that two middle school boys and all of their fellow classmates could do something so completely amazing. Sarah and I were anxious to show our gratitude to the staff and students of Valley View, and on the last day of school we had just that chance. The whole entire student body, as well as all staff members, were all packed in the gymnasium for the “Last Day of School Talent Show.” With some fancy coordination by Papa Hawk and those in charge of the talent show, we were able appear before everyone, explain to the students what effect this had on our lives, and give our thanks for everything they had done.

If this time is for nothing else….I could only hope that Sarah could inspire people to look past their own daily lives and if not for us…spend some time thinking about those that are truly in need. That is exactly what Valley View Middle School has done for us!

Thanks Valley View!!!


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