Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 79

A Note From Ellice:
I spent the day with my beautiful sister or, rather, I spent the day "with" her apartment. :-) Sarah got some much needed post-chemo rest, and I settled in with a cup of coffee and a couple of films that I had been meaning to watch. Mid-afternoon we both had a momentary "break in the action" for a visit to the hospital for Sarah's first Neupogen shot (one of several she will be receiving to help increase her white blood cell count). Sarah held my hand tightly during the ordeal but came through with a smile on her face. (Many thanks to the kind nurse who thought to warm up the shot first in order to reduce the stinging effect!) The short hospital visit was tiring for Sarah but thankfully she is feeling well today, low energy aside. We will take each and every blessing as they come - large or small!

" quietness and trust is your strength..." -Isaiah 30:15

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