Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 84

An Update From Kirk:
Praise Report!

We have finally gotten a washer and dryer! It is so convenient. You never realize how much time something like a washer and dryer saves you until you go a few weeks without. We would like to thank our friend Karen for making it possible for us to get a Brand New washer and dryer. It was an incredible gift!!! We no longer have to pack all our clothes to Mama and Papa Hawk’s (or as we refer to it: “Our Personal Laundromat”.) However, we will miss the free dryer sheets. It makes us feel all grown up to own major appliances! Even if that seems silly to everyone, it makes Sarah happy. She wants to make wallet size pictures of “The Kenmore Twins” to show all of her friends because she is so proud! If this is how nuts Sarah is getting over major appliances, I can’t even imagine what she is going to do when we have kids. “Please Help Me!!!!!!!!”

This has been the worst 1st week of treatment so far. Her level of exhaustion has hit a new high. Spending more hours a day in bed than out is never what a husband wants for his wife. I just think if she can sleep then that must mean her body needs the rest and her body is healing. She tells me, “Kirk, I can lay down, not using any muscles, and my body still feels like I could collapse.” It is a strange feeling for her and creates some worry about actually being up and walking around. Today was her last day of the Neupogen shots, and her body has handled them much better than the Neulasta shots. So, for the next two treatments we will be continuing with the Neupogen 5-day shots. Her physical energy level is finally starting to come up which is great but there is something of concern starting to rear it’s ugly head. Since Friday, Sarah has been starting to have a very sore throat, which now has led to strep throat. Finally, the doctors at the Cancer Center gave her some antibiotics to help her body fight the infection. With Sarah’s immune system somewhat suppressed we are going to be watching her progress very carefully. Please pray that the symptoms will lessen so that she will not have to do another hospital stay on her good weeks.

We appreciate all your thoughts and prayers as we strap in daily for our wild and crazy roller coaster ride!


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