Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 214

Happy Halloween!
I forgot how much fun trick or treating was! I know I am way too old to be going door to door begging for candy but my sister, Bethany and Jonny, came over with Roman last night and we all went around the block to get candy for the little one. We definitely pulled a fast one on the neighbors because Roman isn’t even old enough to eat all that candy. Oh well, the joke’s on them and twix are all mine. Kirk and I are in a mild disagreement. I love dressing up in fun costumes and playing make believe but my darling husband gets absolutely no enjoyment from it at all. I’ve always wanted to dress up “couples” style like Romeo and Juliet or Peanut butter and Jelly but I am without a partner. This year was no different so as we walked Roman around the block I went as Raggedy Andy and Kirk dressed up like a husband that was cold…he was still cuter than any of the other husbands though. Bethany was pretty cute too all dressed up as the Queen of Hearts. However, Ro-Ro stole the show! He dressed up as a bright orange pumpkin that was so adorable that he received extra candy from the older women. What a charmer that little one is. Bethany and I were children once again running from porch to porch teaching Roman the ways of the “Pros”.

I hope auntie Sarah gets invited next year to tag along and get a cut of the candy. Maybe next year Kirk and I can dress up like Barbie and Ken. However I better get started on Kirk because it will take me all year to convince him to do it.

Love Always,

Prayer Request: Tomorrow I have a consultation with my radiologist as well as an upper GI scan. Please pray that both appointments go well.


Bonnie Lien said...

Cutest Raggedy Ann and pumpkin I've ever seen!!

heather Mayer said...

You look so dang cute..I love Raggedy ann and andy...I even have the dolls. lol! HUGS