Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 226

A Note From Sarah:
I am stepping out of my comfort zone again. I was stirred to sing for a youth outreach that is at our church. Kirk has been having practices so I know all the music and volunteered to sing. I’m a little nervous since the last time I sang in public was in high school and that was so I could get Kirk’s attention…it didn’t work by the way…he played hard to get but I got him in the end! After morning worship we had a really long practice and after all that singing I needed to drink some tea and use sign language for the rest of the evening. On stage Kirk and I are right next to each other; him with his guitars and me with my microphone. We are like rock stars! Okay the ‘stage’ might be going to my head but what can I say… the limelight can be fun. God is nudging me in new directions and although I don’t feel completely prepared I take the steps anyways. If God is nudging then He will equip me with everything I need. Last week it was violin, this week it is singing, who knows what’s coming for me next. All I have to say is God keeps it interesting.

I have Roman again tonight. I thought we would try a sleep over again since last week I ended up in the infusion clinic and wasn’t able to be the fun Auntie for that long. The moment Roman stepped foot in my door he was running full force waiting for someone to chase him. Of course we played tag, hide and seek, funny faces and tickle fights for hours. Our fun suddenly came to a screeching halt when there was a funny odor in the air…you guessed it…dirty diaper! Without missing a beat Kirk yells “It’s all you babe, I just can’t”. He is such a baby about baby poop. Kirk says he will be different with our babies but somehow I think I’ll get stuck with diaper duty. However, after the long wait for us to be able to have kids I don’t think I’ll mind. Roman is just now nodding off wrapped up in Uncle Kirk’s arms. It is sweet to see them snuggled up together. I can’t wait to have my four babies and spending time with Roman is soothing to my longing heart. Thank you Bethany for letting me have precious time with your precious baby boy.

I thank each and every one of you for thinking of me today. Writing to you has become so important to me. My blog is my diary and it helps me vent, process and gush about life. Since you are reading this you are an important part of my life. Thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement…you really brighten up my world.

Love Always,

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