Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 217

More Sickness...
Sarah and I are both home sick this weekend. I can't believe that on top of everything we have going we had to get sick but, we did. Sore throats, cold sweats, clammy palms, headaches, you name it we've got it. I think it is mostly due to the fact over the past week we have not been able to get very much sleep. This whole week Sarah was dealing with so much pain from her fill that she would wake up every half hour; frustrating to say the least. On Thursday night Sarah got really, really nauseous so we only got about three hours of sleep leading up to Sarah’s big day of appointments on Friday.

Friday was quite the long day to say the least. First we didn’t get very much sleep and then to top it all off Sarah’s nausea snuck up really fast Thursday night. I called Sarah’s primary care doctor first thing and asked him to send in the orders for Sarah to go to the infusion clinic so we could get Sarah feeling better as soon as we returned from Seattle. Our day started at 9 AM at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for Sarah’s first physical therapy appointment. The appointment went really well but Sarah came out of it feeling even more nauseous than before. Sarah was telling me that she wasn’t going to make it to the infusion clinic later that day, but needed one of her doctors in Seattle to help her get fluids and anti-nausea meds. On that note we headed for her next appointment at UW. Sarah was there to have her expanders drained to prepare for radiation. When we arrived they got right into their ER and Sarah was on her way to feeling better. Because of the ER visit we were a little late arriving back at SCCA for Sarah’s radiation prep but they got everything done none the less. Because we were late getting there we obviously late leaving so it was traffic, traffic, traffic, coming home from Seattle to Snohomish. By the time the day was all said and done, we were both completely exhausted. It is not fun being sick on top of all this, but we are hoping to feel better soon.

Please pray that Sarah and I will start feeling better soon so that we have the strength to get through this last bit of Sarah’s journey.


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