Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 221

Free as a bird...
I was free today! No feeling sick, no feelings of weakness, my emotions are in check (that’s a rare thing indeed) and I busted out of the apartment with nothing holding me back! So what did I do with my freedom you may ask? I drove my Jetta. That may not sound very exciting to you but it was a thrill for me. I haven’t been alone in my car for so very long and my car missed me I could tell. No one drives her like I do. I know her strengths and weaknesses and when we are a pair we shine. Kirk has no ‘connection’ with my Jetta so when she has a little hiccup he raises his voice at her and I have to stand up in defense for she has no voice. Not driving for months at a time will sure make the roads feel a bit wild. I must have caused a back up trying to get on Highway 2 this morning; I was so cautious and I felt like an ostrich stretching out my neck as far as it would go for the perfect moment for me to squeeze in. As soon as I entered a major highway it all started coming back…my hands loosed their python grip on the steering wheel, I remembered I had mirrors and gave my neck a break, and then out came the country music! Not listening to the radio for months will make every song an adventure and I belted out the ol’ familiar ones…sorry if I distracted any of you while you were enjoying your morning commute but I was having a ball. I felt extra special today because I was asked to take a friend to an appointment. I can’t tell you how much my heart needed to feel needed. I was excited to give something back to society and I hope my ability to give back more is just around the corner. Thanks Julia for a fun morning of chit chat and laughter! After I dropped Julia off I couldn’t just go back home. I had just started to fly again and everything seems new and different and I had the strength to go on! Kirk’s work was just a few minutes away so off I went to see his new office. I’m always amazed by everything he knows. If you don’t know, Kirk is a Network Tech with knowledge about computers that I can’t even begin to understand. He showed off his big computer screen, I met a few co-workers, he walked me to my car and kissed me goodbye. I was off again….what other trouble could I get into? Trouble makers…hmmm…oh I knew who to call if I wanted some trouble….my dad. He’s always up to something. Sure enough… I met him at his work, followed him home, and spent most of the day with him. He kept me busy at his house and then running to an appointment with him. By the time I got back to my car I was ready to call it a day. Kirk would be getting off work so I thought I could beat him home and meet him at the door with hugs and kisses. Now I am just writing on my not so private diary and going to settle in for a good movie with the man I love.

Thanks for all the prayers for strength and health. God answers the call of His children…I am walking proof! Thank you Lord. Here’s to another good day!

Love Always,


Anonymous said...

My sweet Sarah, I'm so glad you had a day of freedom! God is so good to hear the prayers of His children. My g/f wrote to me about your Jetta comment and said "I get it"! I guess you'd have to be a Jetta girl to understand, but I do love my '72 Chev Truck :) I don't understand everything that you're going through but I have felt the "who is that"? when looking in the mirror. I was looking thru some pics of my 20 yr reunion and around those years, my friends didn't even recognize me. I had the opposite issue, moon face and body from prednisone. I hope that you are so very blessed by your husband that loves every bruise, every scar, everything about you. I know what it's like to not be loved & supported unconditionally. Be so very grateful that you are married to a man of God. Please just accept that you are so loved by all of us and we think you are the most beautiful woman on the planet because you are "Sarah the Warrior Princess". God will restore everything that has been taken away plus more than you can ever imagine. Love you very much my sweet Sarbear. Auntie Lynda

Julia said...

Thanks so much for coming to our rescue and taking Julia to the orthodontist. We were so glad not to have had to reschedule. She's so excited to be getting her braces off next month.
We love you much.
Jim, Elona, and Julia