Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 228

Busy Bee...
This week Sarah has been quite the busy bee with things on her plate. Some of them fun, but some of them not so fun. Wednesday Sarah had her second radiation treatment. Sarah has not noticed any effects of radiation, but most of those effects, like fatigue and skin redness, will start showing after a couple of weeks. Later in the evening on Wednesday, there was a youth event at our church. There was a concert which I was playing guitar for and Sarah sang backup vocals. It was kind of a big deal for her to do but she feels as though God wants her to start singing more and more. It was a great opportunity for her and she was up on stage with me lookin' like a rockstar. She had alot of fun.We will post some pictures of it as soon as our friend sends them to us.

On Thanksgiving, Sarah cooked her two signature Thanksgiving things: green bean casserole and special cranberry sauce with apples (it is delicious...let me tell you). At noon we headed to my parents house for the day. All of my dad's family was there and we had a great time just talking and spending time together. As you all know, Sarah is learning to play the violin. So, this year we had Grandpa Lien show Sarah a few things that might help her in her learning. Grandpa Lien plays beautifully, and as you also know it is one of his violins from the '40s that she is priveliged to learn on. We ended the evening with one of Sarah's favorite traditions. Everyone gets together in a circle and says what they are thankful for and why. Sarah said that she was thankful that God always has a plan and can always make good out of a horrible situation. I said I was thankful that Sarah is cancer-free and that I now have a job that I absolutely love. It was a really great opportunity to hear thankfullness from everyone's perspective.The day ended however on kind of a downer for my sweet wife. She was feeling nauseous yet again.

This morning, hoping that her nausea had gotten a little better, Sarah and I went to Fred Meyer at 5AM for another one of Sarah's favorite Thanksgiving traditions: getting black Friday half price socks. I know what you're thinking, "Socks???" but Sarah absolutely loves getting half price socks on black Friday. She does it every year. After Sarah almost fell over twice in the store from dizziness, I decided I had better get her home to get some more much needed sleep. When we got home, we jumped in bed, slept for a few more hours, woke up, and went to Sarah's doctor to see about her nausea. Unfortunately, we are not coming up with a solution other than IV hydration and anti-nausea medication. So here we are at the infusion clinic once again. Sarah was especially bummed to be here tonight because we had to miss out on a second thanksgiving with my aunt and uncle. However, when Sarah isn't able to make it to a party, one way or another the party always comes to her. My mom, dad, aunt, uncle, and cousin all came to visit us at the infusion clinic and stayed for a couple of hours. It was so nice of them to come and we are very thankful for great family!

While we are here in the clinic, it is easy to feel sorry for ourselves, but tonight we are thinking of our good family friend who has been in critical care since Thursday night. Our hearts go out to both he and his wife. We have been praying for a speedy recovery for him and hope you will pray for him too.

Now that Sarah has more and more energy, Ellice and her are picking up where they left off and starting back up there baby hat making business called Emalene. Sarah is so excited and is more driven than I have seen her in months. My cousin Kristy actually bought the first hat on Thanksgiving to give to her friend's new baby. If you don't remember the specifics, Sarah and Ellice will be hand crocheting baby hats to sell on 50% of the sale of every hat will be going towards charities that support the African nations. Whether it be children, animals, or wells for villages, Sarah and Ellice just have a heart for that area. Sarah is excited to have something to put some time and energy into and is excited to see where it goes.

Thanks for all your prayers and support. We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.



Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog as you are a good writer and your beautiful personality comes through with every word you type. One day, it won't be about cancer. It will be about your babies and all your ministries. We can tell God how big our mountains are, but we can also tell our mountaings how big our God is. Blessings to you my sweet niece. If you need transpo on Mondays & Thursdays, give me a call. Love you, Auntie Lynda xo

Tamara said...

Love your socks! They are super cute and look soft and warm :)

Heather Mayer said...

I love fuzzy socks...especially when its cold outside, very cute! :) It sounds like you had a fantastic Thanksgiving with family, that is so great. It makes me sad to think of those who dont have any one to spend the holidays with..and in that I feel very fortunate. I will continue to pray for you and that the nausea will disappear. Think of you often, just been very busy for the Holidays. Take care of you! HUGS