Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 48

A Note From Kirk & Sarah:
"Sarah was able to go to church for the first time since Easter, due to her pain levels. It was really evident that we have a supportive church body because so many people came up to Sarah and offered her wonderful words of encouragement (and hugs…which are her favorite).

In the afternoon, we were able to help our friends, Bob & Sherri, because they’ve done so much for us through all of this. We helped lay flooring in one of the bedrooms of their house, along with Sarah’s dad. While I was helping with flooring, Sherri offered to let Sarah take a bath in their huge soaker tub. This proved to be very beneficial for some of the pain in Sarah’s back (and Sarah loves bubbles!). Sarah’s going to try to make it a weekly event. Sarah’s mom and family friend, Elona, cooked enchiladas for everyone involved, and we had a Mexican fiesta in celebration of a job well-done. It was a great day of giving back and fellowship with good family friends."
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