Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 61

An update from Kirk:
Saturday was the "Walk for Sarah" at Kirk's old work: Glacier Peak High School. It was organized by Sharon Sanchez, the PTO, and the Future Business Leaders of America club. To our surprise, the FBLA Club had ordered special T-shirts with "A Walk for Sarah" on them. This was a personal touch that we had not expected but were very grateful for. What a great turnout! There were 110 pre-registered walkers and more came on top of that. Once it started there was a constant flow of people just itching to get on the track. The walkers weren't only teachers and staff, but amazingly many students and whole families joined in as well. It was amazing to see that so many people already loved and supported Sarah simply because they love and support her dad and husband. After Sarah met so many of the walkers, she said it was extremely evident that the Snohomish School District is like one great big family. A teacher from every subject at Papa Hawk's work, Valley View Middle School, was represented, and even teachers from his old school Seattle Hill Elementary came to show their support. Over and over I heard supporters telling Sarah how beautiful she was and what an inspiration it has been to see her smile on the blog. On behalf of Sarah and myself, we cannot express the extent of our gratitude. The entire Snohomish School District has been such a great support to us in our time of need. Thank You!!!
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