Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 53

A Note From Kirk:
Oh what a night! Jim, Bethany, Sarah and I went down to Seattle for a night on the town to see RAIN. If you haven’t seen RAIN –A Tribute to The Beatles you are missing out! Papa Hawk and Sarah have seen them three times in concert and they still want more. Between dancing with a packed Paramount Theater to 'Twist and Shout' and waving our hands and cell phones to 'Hey Jude' what more can people ask for? Sarah got wild on us and showed us some moves that have been locked up since the 'Summer of Love' and can you guess what she blamed it on? Her lack of a filter because of cancer is a popular excuse these days. She threw her inhibitions to the wind and danced while giving everyone a peace sign. We all had a blast and the fun didn’t stop in Seattle. I think our car ride home was just as fun sporting an AC/DC solo from Jim and more dance moves from Sarah and Bethany that created quite a stir on the freeway. How we fell asleep that night is beyond me. My favorite part of the whole night was seeing Sarah have an awesome time. We haven’t had this much fun in a while and she deserved every single second of it. We weren’t thinking about cancer, pain, doctor appointments or chemotherapy. All we were doing was enjoying the music that we love and spending time with people we love. Thank you Lord for giving us a night we will never forget. All I can say is….I am the walrus….coo coo ca choo.

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