Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 72

A Note from Momma “Hawk”:
We headed down to Seattle for dinner and the 5th Avenue to see our last play of the season, “Candide”. Peggy got us there safely without using the “Transit Only” lane this time. Dinner at The Purple Café was great with our play group. The ladies always have fun conversation full of tips on shoes, cruises and vacations…thanks Arva Dell, Penny and Kathy! The play was about surviving the twists and turns of life which we know all too much about these days. Thus the play wasn’t as enjoyable as we had hoped, but a night on the town with my precious Sarah was wonderful. While we were at the play, Kirk and his sister Ellice worked on getting all the kitchen stuff unpacked in their new apartment. What a blessing to have things unboxed and organized! Thank you everyone for loving and supporting my sweet daughter and son. Jim and I are so blessed and comforted knowing that so many care for our family in our time of need.

Love, Barb

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