Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 71

It’s Moving Day! Well….it’s the first day of the big move. Over the past couple days we have started putting our whole life in boxes. It feels so strange to pack up when we love our apartment and neighbors/landlords/surrogate parents so much. As our time in Arlington comes to an end I am having a hard time saying goodbye. However, Kirk is thrilled and says I need to jump on the happy train and smile. His morning commute will go from 50 minutes to literally 50 seconds since we are right across the street. We were able to move everything except the large furniture and our kitchen items with the help of our handy dandy work crew. Papa Hawk and Papa Lien moved the big boxes with our cousin Nathaniel. Mama Lien and Sister Ellice helped put everything in their proper rooms so I wouldn’t have to lift a finger. Did that stop me from picking up boxes when no one was looking? Absolutely not and now I am paying for it! I think Kirk is going to have to use packing tape for my arms and legs to keep me from over doing it. Fortunately, we will only have one more “major” day of moving and then all that is left is decorating and organizing which is usually my favorite part but I have next to no energy so my sisters will have to come to the rescue. Please pray that I will have super human endurance for this next week because this move on top of chemo coming up, hospital visits, and saying goodbye to my first apartment is a perfect storm for my strength and emotions.

Love Always,
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A Huge Need For Kirk and Sarah: 
They are in need of a new or like new matched pair washer and dryer for their new apartment. If you are able to help with this need, please send a message to sarahshope2010@yahoo.com. Thanks for everyone’s prayer and support!


AGLINCH said...

I sent an email but I am not sure to where i sent it. I am glad to see that things are going alright for you and your hubby. Moving is always a pain int the bum but decorating is always too much fun!!! I read that you two are in need of a washer and dryer. I do have a washer that I bought about two years ago that you are more than welcome to have but it does not have a matching dryer. Let me know if you could use it!! I just wanted to send alot of love your way!! You both are in my thoughts and prayers!

With oober much LOVE
Katie (your waitressw)

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