Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 242

Rest and Relaxation...
Today Sarah had a day of much needed rest. She and the couch were quite close friends. As we posted yesterday, Sarah’s radiation has been postponed until Monday. With the week off, Sarah is looking forward to some R&R. Just in the couple days Sarah has had off, her skin has started healing. There are a couple of areas under her arm that even look like normal skin again and aren’t raw. Sarah’s doctor did tell us that her skin would heal as fast as it broke down, but I was surprised to see her progress when I got home from work. This doesn’t mean that her tissues under the surface aren’t still irritated and painful, but at least we are seeing how quickly Sarah’s skin will bounce back.

We capped off the day by having dinner with Sarah’s parents, but that was cut a little short when Sarah said she was starting to have a little more pain than she would like. We quickly headed home and got in comfy clothes, cuddled on the couch, and are trying to settle down for the night.

It would be our hope that Sarah’s skin would heal so much by Monday that finishing the last 2-5 treatments won’t take such a huge toll. In order for Sarah to finish she needs to feel like her body can handle it. Our biggest prayer need right now is strength and quick healing.

Thank You,

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