Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 251

Say a little prayer for me…
Okay I am doing fine but have a little something I am worried about. I am having a pain in my lower right leg that has my insides churning. Ever since I have had to get creative and try IVs in my legs I have had severe pain in both of them but my right leg is getting worse. I am told that it could just be vein irritation due to the IVs that had to be put into my ankles or it could be a more serious condition such as a blood clot. My mom who is a nurse is siding on blood clot because of my symptoms so I am a bit worried. Kirk is going to be calling the doctor’s office to get an appointment or if they think it is serious hopefully I will get right in. I’m almost to the point of needing crutches because my leg hurts so badly and I look very silly hobbling around. I’m kind of bummed out that pain is trying to take away my smile of being totally done with the “tough” parts of cancer treatment but heaven knows I will keep my smile on no matter what. I will let you know what transpires with my leg…let’s pray that whatever it is that it will not be serious and that it will resolve itself.

Tonight is my congratulatory dinner with my family. All my parents and siblings will be there plus a special little nephew. My nephew is pretty darn special to me. Roman was 6mo old when I was diagnosed but did that stop the little boy from being there for me? He’s part of the Hawkins clan so of course not. He has been to the Cancer Center for many chemotherapy treatments, visited me when I have been in the hospital, came to surgeries and been my tiniest fan rooting me on. I better give my sister Bethany kudos because Roman couldn’t get far without her! Thanks Bets for all your love! All my family has been so supportive to me and I couldn’t have done it without them. Driving me to midnight prayer. Cool house cleaning. head shaving…My family has done it all so tonight is supposed to be about me but really I have to give it up to my family. I was probably not the sweetest in all my moments of need but thanks for sticking by me never the less and fighting the fight with me…sometimes even for me. I love all of you and couldn’t have made it this far without each and every one of you. Thank You!!!

Love Always,

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