Monday, January 17, 2011


Can we get a break...???
After we came home from the ER, Sarah was starting to become more and more nauseous. She fell asleep for maybe an hour, but woke up and immediately threw up uncontrollably. We made the decision to go back into the ER since Sarah was now most certainly dehydrated. They were only able to marginally control the nausea, and after she had received some fluids, Sarah decided she wanted to go home. When we finally made it home the throwing up continued a couple of times, but she then went to sleep and slept for about four hours. After our nap, I woke Sarah up and we headed off to her ultrasound appointment. Even though we are dealing with flu-like symptoms, we still needed to handle the pain in Sarah's leg. After a thorough examination it turns out that Sarah does have a clot in her leg. It is superficial but still needs to be treated as clots can move to the lungs, heart, or brain and pose serious risks. Later in the afternoon, we saw a doctor who prescribed treatment for Sarah's blood clot. Over the next five days, I have to give her injections of blood thinner in her belly twice a day. After that, she will have to be on oral blood thinning medication for six months. Six months seems like a long time to us, but hopefully it will keep any additional clotting at bay. At the end of the day we may have found the reason for Sarah's nausea. Her mom and dad were both similarly sick today so the three of them must have gotten a bug. After a few hours Sarah began to feel much better. Let's hope it is the same for her parents too.

Please pray that we don't get overwhelmed by the lasting negative effects of Sarah's cancer treatment. All we want is for our life to get back to normal, but it seems like it will never come.


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Anonymous said...

So sorry to read about the blood clot and the possible flu bug.
I know the flu is making the rounds even if one had the flu shot. This to shall pass.
Sick people need to stay away from Sarah until her immune system is strong again. Of course the ER is probable one of the easiest places to catch stuff.
Praying you both get that break.!!
Barb from Snohomish