Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 245

Today I woke up feeling a little under the weather. Maybe it’s the upcoming week of radiation or maybe it’s the little sleep I am getting. Either way I was not up for anything to do with being up out of bed. I am looking forward to being in Seattle for the next few days because like it or not it is a mini vacation and I have to be grateful for each and every one that I get to enjoy.

My parents have Baby Roman overnight so of course we made an effort to go see my sweet nephew while he was hanging out with G-pa Jim and Nana Barb. He was sleeping when I came over and I was itching for him to wake up so we could play! I checked in on him whenever I heard a little movement and finally when I couldn’t handle it anymore and the excuse of “if he sleeps anymore he won’t sleep tonight” came up I jumped at the opportunity to “help” him wake up. His eyes opened up a little and the first thing he saw was his Auntie Sarah smiling big and just aching to play. We started with little games like peek-a-boo and very quickly our little games turned into running around the kitchen and living room chasing each other. My parents are technically the babysitters but what is it called when the Auntie and Uncle baby sit for the babysitters who are going out to dinner with friends? I thought what a chance for me to get in some extra special time with Baby Roman while my parents enjoy a dinner with friends! You know we jumped at that opportunity so the babysitter becomes the dinner date and the visitors become the new babysitters…just the way I like it. Now it is dinner time, and the boy is enjoying one of his favorite meals; Graduates for Toddlers ravioli. He quickly finished that and we are on to chicken soup…oh wait he doesn’t seem to like that at all. Well, since I am his auntie and not mommy I will give him his dessert which will be strawberry applesauce. Okay that was a hit but I think it was more a hit with me than Baby Roman and I finished off the cup with little help…oh well…baby food is just good. Uncle Kirk is taking over with trying a bit more of the chicken soup and clean up. Lucky me I got out of clean up! Baby Roman is showing signs of winding down for a little nap or for the night so we might all snuggle up for a Disney movie and all drift off to dream land and wait for the first string of babysitters turned dinner partners to return.

Thanks for reading about my uneventful yet eventful evening.

Love Always,

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