Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 247

Two down…Three to go!!!
Sarah has gotten through the two additional treatments that her doctor wanted her to. Woohoo!!! The next three treatments are nothing but icing on the cake. My sweet girl definitely deserves some much needed recognition for being such a trooper this whole horribly long year. Her cancer treatment has taken to her right to her breaking point. She is so strong that all she needed was one week to gather herself and she was ready to stare treatment in the face and say, “Nothing will keep me down.” I am very proud that even though her doctor told her she could be done with only two more treatments instead of five, she decided to finish and go all the way. Sarah said, “I don’t only have myself to think about, but I have family, my husband, and my future children to think of.” I t was for that selfless of all reasons that my Sarah has mustered the strength to complete her treatment. In the end it will bring her a great sense of achievement. Moving forward she will be able to say that she did every treatment possible so that she could be around for the ones that love her. After this past year, I truly believe that nothing will keep my Sarah down.

Now to happier thoughts…We are here at the hotel and let me tell you it has made things so much easier for Sarah…(and myself). The hotel has so many great amenities and it seems like we discover something new that’s free every day. They have free full breakfast (not just continental), free full dinner on weeknights, as well as free cookies, hot cocoa, and coffee in the lobby 24/7. We have a wonderful room that looks out at Lake Union and Queen Anne Hill. At this very moment we are looking out our window and watching as a thick blanket of snow covers downtown Seattle. It is truly beautiful to see!

Tonight we used the movie tickets we got at Christmas and decided to have a date night at the movies! It was great to get out and do something normal for a change. I can’t wait until Sarah is back at full strength and we can return to doing all the things we enjoy like dinner with friends, weekends away, and date nights just the two of us. We both desperately want the fun to return.

We are looking forward to 2011 being a better year and to getting back to normal. Thanks so much for reading!


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