Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 248

Three down...Two to go:
Sarah is well on her way. She gotten through three of her five remaining treatments and is doing great! The week off combined with the stay at the hotel has really helped her ability to cope. She was able to get a great night's sleep last night which always makes things better.

Sarah is enjoying doing something fun after each treatment. It puts a positive spin on our time down here instead of a negative one. Last night we did dinner and a movie and tonight we took SCCA's free pass to the Pacific Science Center. Even though it is sort of for kids we had great time just being together. Sarah took my picture with the world's biggest guitar and Sarah basked in the wonder of the butterfly exhibit. She had two beautiful butterflies land on her and she just enjoyed seeing all the different species. Sarah read at the exhibit that when a butterfly lands on you, it means good luck. Hopefully it means that this will be the last time in her life that she will require any kind of cancer treatment. To cap it all off, on our way out Sarah had a unique opportunity that not many, including myself would have taken advantage of. How many of you can say that you have touched a Madagascar hissing cockroach? Well Sarah now has. She faced her fear and triumphed! I on the other hand would not touch a cockroach with a ten foot pole. After the Science Center, we wanted to grab Chinese food for dinner. Sarah had asked her radiation therapists where the gem of the city was, and they both gave the same answer. Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon. Let me tell you...It was some of the best Chinese we have had. Way to go Judy Fu! Their barbecued pork reminded me of my Uncle Koos's. Grandma I know you're reading this so please remind me to ask either you or Uncle Koos for his recipe. At the end of dinner, our fortune cookies came and oh man...Sarah and I both could eat like twenty of those. Along with the good luck of the butterfly landings, our fortunes capped off the evening and sent us on our way back to the hotel. We are settling down now for the night and Sarah is making adult hats for the cancer center. She has four completed hats next to her and she is finishing her fifth right now!

Exciting News!
This morning Sarah was getting dressed and in the process realized that she is starting to get some feeling back in her chest where it was once numb since her surgery in September. We hope that she continues to regain feeling in her numb areas (mostly the right side around the back of her arm and side of her chest) and retains that feeling even after her reconstructive surgeries.

Thanks for praying for us this week! God has been gracious and so far things have gone better than we expected.



Chellie Dee said...

I don't know how I make it throught these updates dry eyed... The happiness of this post makes me feel happier then I was a moment before! I think getting out and having fun is great for you to forget what's going on. God definately knew what you needed and in His way he put you in the right place to finish out these treatments!

Amy said...

When I had surgeries for my wrist, both times they caused a great deal of numbness. I almost have full feeling back in my left hand, but it is slow progress. My doctor said it improves 1 millimeter a week. Even if the reconstructive surgery causes numbness again, don't lose hope, the feeling will most likely come back.