Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 246 #2

A note from Sarah:
I won’t be a hero and say it wasn’t hard walking into Seattle Cancer Care Alliance today because it definitely was. It was hard but it felt good to walk in those doors to finish something I had started. My SCCA day started with a visit with my Doctor. Dr. Kim is such a great woman and she genuinely cares about how I have been doing so when she about jumped out of her skin because of how good my skin looked I got a boost of confidence that I am going to come out of radiation looking fantastic.

The rest from Kirk:
Sarah started writing this post but very quickly became too tired to continue. I know that eventually Sarah will feel ok, but it has been such a long time since she has that I almost can’t remember. It is good to hear that as she wrote above she knows after these treatments are over her body will start to return to its normal state. It has been great for Sarah to have this past week and a half off from treatment. It gave us some time to realize what it will be like to not go the hospital so much. Oddly enough the hospital has become the norm not the exception. I am sure Sarah would agree, but I would be just fine if I never stepped foot inside another hospital again…ever.

We are doing as well as possible down here in Seattle. We have a really nice room with a great view of Lake Union and Queen Anne Hill. It was nice for Sarah to not have to sit in traffic for an hour or so all while her pain creeps up from the day’s treatment. Instead we just dove 45 seconds to the bottom of the hill and went into our hotel room. There Sarah was able to immediately crawl into the nice bed and sleep off some of the pain. I hope that staying right here on the SCCA campus will prove to make these last…well …only 4 (now)…treatments as easy as possible. At the main desk at SCCA, there are some free passes to numerous attractions in Seattle. If Sarah is up to it she would like to try and take advantage of this. She so desperately wants to start “living” her life again and it shows more than ever here at the tail-end of her treatment.

A funny story…at least to us…
Last night Sarah was just getting into bed and she looked over and saw what looked like 2 white Good and Plenty candies on my bedside table. I had been eating these the night before and had left a few there for later I guess. Sarah grabbed the first one, popped it in her mouth and was loving it…mmmm Good and Plenty. Sarah couldn’t help herself, and sneakingly reached for the second one. She threw it in her mouth, but this time was horrified to find that this one was not in fact a second white Good and Plenty but her Tylenol she needed to take. She found out the hard way that Tylenol definitely does not have a candy coating. I guess next time she tries to sneak and eat my Good and Plenty, she’ll think twice. We had quite a laugh. Maybe it’s kind of a “had to be there” story, but Sarah thought it was worth sharing.

Now Sarah is trying as hard as can be to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. She is finding that the last few radiation treatments really brought on the fatigue she had not had up to this point. Thanks for reading and please pray that Sarah’s will stays strong. I know it must take a lot of mental, emotional, and physical strength to go through what she has gone through this year. My wife is one tough cookie!


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