Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 254

The week of worrying about my blood clot finally took its toll. I hadn’t been getting very good rest but I slept great today. It was wonderful. As you know I have been getting less than 4 hours of sleep on average per night so when my body can sleep for more than that it’s a dream come true.
Kirk came home at “medication time” and gave me my shot. He is so good at it and I am so proud of him. I hopefully only have one more day of shots and then I will continue to take the pills for up to 6 months. Today I went to the lab for a Coumadin blood level test and once again the technicians had trouble finding a vein…funny how I knew that would be an issue. They heated my arm up with pads and hoped for the best but the first poke yielded nothing. More heat and then a second poke. This one had a little better luck; we were getting a good return of blood then all of the sudden…nothing. The vein just clamped off and disappeared. Yeah, you guessed it…more heat. After 2 techs looked up and down my arm for anything they could use I stepped in and showed them my sacred veins that never let me down…I can’t show everyone where they are because my veins wouldn’t be so friendly if I shared the secret. Third poke was a cinch and the lab tech was impressed that I knew my veins so well. The test results should be back tomorrow and I will know if I need to up my Coumadin levels or decrease my levels. I have an appointment with my general care physician tomorrow and he will let me know if I need to change my diet, limit my activity and also how many times I have to get my levels checked a month. Sounds like a big hassle and it is but I’m just happy I am alive and cancer free…it is all how you look at it.

I got to spend some good family time with my mom and dad today because my dad made Kirk and me one of our favorite dinners. Chicken broccoli! It’s one of my dad’s most famous dishes and we flock to the house when it’s on the menu. Thanks Dad for a good meal!

Thanks everyone who keeps me and my family in your prayers. Prayer works and I am living proof of that fact. You are so important to my healing process and I am incredibly thankful for each and every one of you.

Love Always,

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