Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 255

Even after a week of celebration for health I still ended up in the infusion clinic. I started feeling a dehydration headache come on and after two nurses asked if I was dehydrated I figured I might as well go in for fluids before the nausea starts. Kirk and I went in at our usual time, 6:15, and ended up staying until 2am! Yikes! It always takes a few tries to get an IV started but that wasn’t what kept us out so long. What ate up the hours was the speed of my IV fluids. My nurse had to use the tiniest needle that they had in order for it to work with my veins. Because she had to use the tiniest needle we had to go super slow with the fluids in order for the vein not to be overwhelmed and blow. Since chemotherapy my veins are like tissue paper and everyone has problems using them. I ended up having 2 liters of fluid to get me back on track. When I was finished we were desperately tired and headed home to get some much needed sleep. I also had a doctor appointment on Friday for a follow up for my blood clots. As it turns out, I have another clot in my foot that I didn’t know about. I’m continuing with the blood thinners but the good news is that my Dr. doesn’t think I need to be on them for the maximum 6 months! Overall I am feeling much better after the follow up visit and the 2 liters of fluid. It’s amazing what a little salt water will do. The rest of the weekend was relaxing…just how I like it. I’m so grateful that God has settled things down enough to rest. Thank you for praying for health and rest for Kirk and I. We are in need of a break and I think I see one on the horizon.

Love Always,

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