Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 252

We are doing better...
Kirk is getting the hang of syringes again and I am feeling better from the flu like symptoms I was having. Every 12 hours it’s another poke and another pill…is this ever going to end? I guess not for a while and I should be happy that I am alive because trust me I know life could be worse. I’m so grateful for my husband. He hates giving me each shot but he acts like a pro as he confidently says “Here’s a little poke…done! Are you okay?” What a man I have. Kirk doesn’t go weak in the knees over medical stuff; He only goes weak in the knees for me!

I’ve been having a day full of rest while babying my leg. I don’t like resting, but what’s a girl to do? My leg is pretty painful and I’m hopping more than limping so I spent my day making hats for the Cancer Center in Seattle and catching up on my DVR shows. While watching my shows I saw a bunch of old Christmas commercials and I got bummed out. I missed Christmas this year. I was so sick and in pain I missed getting into the season and enjoying family. We were at the hospital Christmas Eve, Christmas day and every day leading up to New Years. Yuck! I hope next year Santa will bring a Christmas full of joy and health…think I need a bigger stocking?

Thank you for all your continued support through the worst year of our lives. Every comment on the blog and message on Facebook lifts my spirits and always puts a smile on my face. Thanks for sticking with me for the long haul.

Love Always,

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Christy said...

so glad to hear you're feeling somewhat better today.
I hope your leg gets better quickly & you continue to get stronger & stronger every day.