Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 250

Five down...Zero to go:
Can Sarah get a whoop whoop? Today was Sarah's last radiation treatment and she wanted to go out with a bang. I didn't even think to do anything for the radiation oncology staff, but Sarah is always thinking of others. She loved everyone in the radiation oncology department so much so she decided to bring in cookies for everyone. They were always so blown away by Sarah's great smile and generosity throughout her treatment, but were very floored to see she had brought in a gift for everyone. One of the bakeries we stopped at had designer cupcake so I bought Sarah a lemon one with "Congratulations" on top. She saved it for after treatment, but it started the celebration even before it officially began.

Today was not a day overshadowed by cancer, but instead it was a day of rejoicing. Sarah ws excited all day because in her mind she was counting down the seconds to victory...victory at last. Everyone at SCCA celebrated righg along with us. There were hugs and congrats all around from Dr. Kim, the Nurses, the radiation therapists, and even the front offipce gals. Dr. Kim said she was incredibly proud of Sarah for finishing strong. It was such a wonderful time that our cheeks hurt from smiling so hard. Sarah has a follow-up appointment in a month for them to congratulate her on her progress.

After Sarah's radiation treatment we began heading toward home, but we made a few special stops on the way home. We first went to Pike Place Market for some flowers. Most flowers are out of season, but we still had alot of fun. Sarah and I have a love for Seattle that will never die.

Next we stopped at DSW where Sarah had the run of the place to find some new shoes. She had only planned on getting one pair, but I insisted that she deserved to get two. Sarah was very excited and flew from shoe to shoe like a beautiful butterfly. I then had to stop by work and take care of one item. My office is moving from one high school to another. I had to quickly pack up my things and move them to my new office. I didn't expect Sarah to help me at all but she insisted. I again was floored that my sweet girl is alwyas thinking of others and no matter what is raring to help in any way she can.

The last special stop we made was dinner. We went for a simple dinner, but one that Sarah has been craving for weeks...Greek from Kafe Neo in Marysville. Let me tell you this girl goes crazy for a lamb gyro and greek fries. After dinner we headed home and came into our apartment, turned on the heat, and settled in for a night of reflection on the past year and anticipation of the coming year. Because my job is changing for the better and Sarah's treatment has finally come to an end, we feel like we are both getting a new beginning. It is a wonderful feeling to say the least. A huge weight has been lifted from our shoulders.

One fantastic development is that Sarah has not needed to go to the infusion clinic this week. We are hoping that her body will now be strong enough to fight things off on its own without any help. Sarah was having a bit more pain than desired after her treatment so I had her take her long acting mophine, her short acting morphine liquid and an anti-nausea med just to be safe. The day will come very soon that she won't even need these meds anymore and will be 100% pain and nausea free. My wife fought cancer and won with her arms in the air celebrating her victory. I ask you all if she could take on cancer with the amount of resolve and positive attitude that she had, is there anything this girl won't be able achieve? I think not...

We still have more to come including reconstructive surgeries, hormone therapy, and lots of recovering from this last year, but please celebrate the victory with us today. We parise God that we made it through bruised, but not broken. God is the only one who could have given Sarah the strength to fight. We thank you all for keeping us so close to your hearts this past year. We have seen nothing but support and unfailing love from all of you. Christ is loving us through you.

Thank You!!!


Anonymous said...

((((Kirk & Sarah)))) Celebrating and praising God with you!! I had picked you up a gift card to Kafe Neo earlier this week and haven't got it to it'll be there for next time. Love you guys!! Auntie Lynda xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Congradulations, I am so glad to read that you are done with your treatments. I have kept up with your blogging ever since I walked into Alfys and saw your picture and story on a donation jar.
I grabbed me daughter and explained to her that here is someone that is young like I was with BC and also a Brca carrier.
Keep posting. Barb from Snohomish

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