Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 174

A Note from Kirk: 
Today was all about church and family. On the second day of Sarah’s fast, it’s getting tougher for her body to deal with it because her body is still weakened from all she has been through so far. I need to be protective of my Sarah and call her fast off at two days and maybe do a three day along with her at a later time. However, good for her that she has the drive to do a three day fast. I know that cutting her fast short will be difficult, but she also is wanting to be wise in this time where there is already a strain on her body. This is the last full week before Sarah’s surgery and most of it will be spent in preparation. Please pray that we get everything done that needs to be accomplished prior to Monday morning.

Thanks for all your prayers and support!


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Anonymous said...

Sarah, praying for all that you need every moment this week. You are always on our hearts. Love you baby girl xoxo Auntie Lynda, Dustin & Shelby. PS. Shelby thought she might be getting shorter thumbs like you and Dustin. I told her they may be short but that Sarah & Dustin were the cousins blessed w/special freaky thumbs. You'll have to check out Thumb Wars...a special thumb movie ;)