Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 180

A Note from Kirk:
Today, Sarah’s mom took her to get her nails and toes done. Sarah really needed the relaxing time when she could try to put the worries of Monday out of her head. I am so grateful to have Barb help me through this time because she is caring for Sarah as a mother would but also knows all the intimate details of how Sarah is feeling right now. Barb goes above and beyond expectations and she knows exactly what to do in times of turmoil…duh…she is a nurse. She has been such a blessing in our journey with cancer because of her knowledge, generosity, laughter and her willingness to answer phone calls in the middle of the night just for a medication question. She has a love for her daughter that I will never know until I have my own kids. Both Sarah and I have great parents to rely on and we will definitely need them in the weeks and months ahead. We know that we have no reason to be afraid of being in need with our family surrounding us.

Please continue to keep my wife in your prayers as the pressure is building inside of her. I certainly hope that the lead-up to surgery will be worse than what comes after. Please pray that Sarah will feel God’s arms around her comforting her. I also wanted to thank all of you for responding to my plea and flooding Sarah with comments of encouragement and love! Keep it coming………



Anonymous said...

What a blessing!! The light of the Lord shines, your pictures are precious. We are holding you in our prayers...continue to rest in knowing that God is watching over you guys. Fear not for I am with you says the Lord:+)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sweet Sarah,

You are in my heart and thoughts as tomorrow you are facing the hugest hurdle ever and we all are praying and sending you loads of positive support, prayer, love and many hugs! I pray for strength for both you and Kirk, I pray for amazing healing, and I pray to see your beautiful smile on your blog! May you feel the dear Lords arms carry you through tomorrow and the days ahead as you recover and may he give you restful sleep. Love, Dawn

Heather Mayer said...

Sarah and Kirk
You guys are such an awesome couple and such an inspiration. You guys are a true example of not letting things in life get you down and are so positive. I look up to the both of you and want you to know that you are always in my thoughts and I hope that I can do another shoot for you in the future...wether it be kids, family, or just plain feel good photos...I am here for you if you ever need any of these photos taken, I want to be a part of capturing such precious moments for you both!