Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 184

Monday night's surgery went great, however the recovery was quite rocky there for a while. Sarah came out of surgery so sedated that for a couple of hours she was only breathing 4-6 times a minute. A little scary to say the about 2:30 AM she finally woke up and started breathing normally on her own. Because of all the issues waking up they took her to the ICU for one night so she could be moinitored very closely. Since that night Sarah has been doing great!!! Yesterday she was transferred into a regular room and she had a flood of visitors all day. Even little Roman came to see his auntie. He brings Sarah so much joy, but she didn't like not being able to hold him. Today Sarah is doing even better than the day before. She has been checked out by all her doctors and they have cleared her to go home. I know that being home where it is more relaxing will just be great for Sarah. The doctor's are surprised by how well Sarah is doing. Her surgical sites look absolutely fantastic and she has almost no bruising or swelling to speak of!!!

"Thank you Lord for keeping our Sarah right in the palm of your hand."

Thank you everyone for all of your prayers!!!



Heather Mayer said...

So glad that she is doing so well with the recovery and that she will be able to go home. Your in my prayers and I hope that the healing process goes quick. Talk to you both soon!

Christy said...

So happy to hear you are able to go home!
I will continue praying for your recovery & hope it gets easier every day.
Also, I have 2 fabulous friends that are doing the 3 Day next weekend. They have read the blog & asked for a picture of you to add you to the people they are walking for. If you have one you can send, please email it to me:

Sending love, hugs & healing vibes your way!


Lindsey said...

Sarah and Kirk!

I have been praying tons for you guys! I had many of my friends and family doing the same esspecially on monday and leading up to that time. I am so glad she is healing quickly, and I pray God gives you both peace and strength as you continue on this journey! Im so thankful and blessed to know someone with such strength and beauty, what a incredible testimony you are Sarah!! Please let me know if there is anything at all I can do I am here if you guys need anything at all. Love you sarah--You are an amazingly beautiful girl insude and out!!!


Chellie Dee said...

It brings me great joy to hear that the recovery is going so well! God is so good!

sunshine said...

Thinking of YOU! Hope your recovery is smooth from here on out. Let me know if there is anything you need :)