Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 196

Last night Kirk called for prayer support. Sarah has been having disturbing dreams at night. When I arrived at their apartment Sarah was in her ‘green’ chair with tears running down her face for she was afraid to fall asleep. We prayed and then I asked her if I could read the Psalms aloud to her. I wish each of you readers could have seen what I was privileged to see. As I was reading about praising God, Sarah, in her mind’s eye, had her hands raised as high as possible giving glory to Him. She soon began to cry in earnest but this time they were tears of joy, for as she was praising her Saviour He came with a wonderful vision….Jesus was putting beautiful, long, white gloves on her. She also saw herself in the most gorgeous, shimmering, white gown….her hair long, thick, and braided into a lovely coil on her head in which baby’s breath was placed. In her sweet Sarah voice she cried out, “I look so beautiful!” And you all know she did!!

If you know Sarah at all you know how much she loves to cuddle and she decided that the three of us, with her in the middle, should all sleep on their queen bed. I have found that 12 inches of bed is enough! Of course I tried to convince Kirk to set the camera on a timer and take a pic of us for the blog but, alas, he was not to be talked into anything of the sort, so you will all just have to use your imaginations.

This afternoon Kirk made the decision to take Sarah to the emergency room for some much needed fluids and pain medication as she has been very nauseous the last few days with bouts of vomiting. The issue is that her appetite has not returned so it has been very difficult for her to get enough food in her system for all the meds she is taking.

Please pray that her appetite will increase, her pain decrease, that she can very quickly have her drains removed, and that her night hours will be filled with peaceful dreams.

Thank you again to all for your love, caring support, and especially your prayers!

Mom Lien


Anonymous said...

Hi sarah, I remember those dreams and how I dreaded them, I thought they were from all the "meds" they had me on...I did the same thing picked up the word and started reading it, and soon fell back asleep. I too ended up in the ER for fluid that would give me some much needed energy. Oh, how I hated for this dreaded disease to slow me down....but do take it easy there is a "time" for everthing and your body needs healing..Love you guys,

Heather Mayer said...

Hi Sarah, I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you, I am sorry to hear about your terrible dreams and I can only imagine how exhausting they must be. I am so glad you have a caring loving husband to help and support you through this time. Just know that you are in our prayers, thoughts and hearts while you go through this struggle...God bless you!!! HUGS