Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 185

An update from Kirk:
Wednesday when we came home our bedroom had been turned into a garden oasis for Sarah. Father's House in Granite Falls donated all of the plants, curtains, flowers, and a water feature and Michelle, a gal from the church, to go shopping and to stage our room. It was a wonderful surprise for Sarah and has created a peaceful atmosphere for her to recover in. Thank you Father's House and Michelle for the wonderful display of love and care. I also need to thank Kristi, Sherri, and Mom Hawkins who all were also a pivotal part in creating this oasis for my Sarah. On a funny note, the water feature, which is completely restful for Sarah, makes me have to pee. Let me tell you...I NEVER get up to go to the bathroom, but with our wonderful new water feature I woke up a grand total of six times running to the bathroom and barely hanging on by a thread. On the other hand...Sarah really, really loves it and it helps her sleep giving her much needed rest. With all of the wonderful blessings poured out on us, Sarah is doing great and is continuing on her road to recovery!

Praise Report!!!
Dr. Calhoun, Sarah's breast surgeon, called this evening and gave us some fantastic news. All the pathology reports came back on Sarah tissue and lymph nodes that were removed. The tissue and lymph nodes from both sides were completely clear of any residual cancer cells. COMPLETELY CLEAR!!! Dr Calhoun was specifically clear on important thing: this result only happens in 30-40% of the cases. Isn't that incredible??? Thank you Lord for another miracle in our life!!!

Thank you for all your prayers. Let this show that prayer and faith go hand in hand. God does answer prayer!!!

As I am writing this, Sarah is snuggled up with a pink travel pillow around her neck, pillows underneath her arms, resting against the headboard, and drifting in and out. She is also cuddling with my sister (who is fading in and out as well). Sarah is doing as well as I could have ever expected and I can really see God sustaining her daily.



Heather Mayer said...

I am so happy:) Reading this brought so many emotions...Thank you both for sharing your lives with all of us..You have no idea what it means to me! I am so happy to have ran into you a few weeks back at Alfys..I feel God brought you in my life to show me many things. Your attitude and optimism is so inspiring. I thank GOD for having me run into you...Sarah, your such a blessing, you dont even know! Kirk your love for Sarah is Awesome.....Your lives have touched so many people already and will continue to do so...Thank you! HUGS to both of you! :)

Anonymous said...

Praising Jesus for the good news and for the protection and love He is surrounding you with! Love you guys to pieces, Auntie Lynda, Dustin & Shelby xoxo

Bette G. said...

We praise God for the awesome results.....NO sign of cancer....!! Thanks for keeping your prayer warriors in the loop through your blog. Praying He will continue to bless you both with His peace and grace.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord~~~Thank you Jesus for your goodness and mercy, so excited for you both. We continue to hold you in our prayers. We sure appreciate you keeping us updated. Rejoicing with you:+)