Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 186

An Update from Kirk:
Today has been another day of rest for Sarah. She has been in her bed or in her chair relaxing for most of the day. However, she did take a shower this afternoon. That really dropped her energy down and now she is not only resting but also sleeping to try to gain some strength back. Think about showering without lifting your hands above your head or reaching below your hips. It is pretty difficult and, needless to say, requires help. With all the time spent covering and redressing her bandages, we realized that next time we should do as much of that as possible while she is laying down because all of that time standing really took its toll. With all of the drugs Sarah is taking, her dreams are becoming much more vivid. Last night I woke up to Sarah grabbing at and pulling on my shirt over and over. When I asked her what she was doing she said, "I am trying to pull out the Kleenex’s." I laughed a bit and tried to ask her what she was talking about but seconds later she was already asleep. Sarah is getting very tired of sleeping on her back, but trying to turn over on her side a little puts pressure on her surgical wounds. She is desperate to find a new comfortable position to sleep. When she is in the bed, she has at least six pillows surrounding her and cushioning every muscle at all times. For now, I think that is as comfortable as she is going to be. Sarah also still has a sore throat from the breathing tube that was placed during surgery. I have been teasing her a little because she sounds like a 12 year old boy going through puberty, but I can say that because I am the one who administers her pain pills so she is very gracious with me.

We wanted to ask all of you to pray for a couple of definite things. Since the surgery, Sarah has not had much of an appetite so we are praying that would return soon and also that her throat and voice would be soothed and heal quickly.

Thanks for all of your prayers!



Heather Mayer said...

I look forward to reading your blog and finding out how your doing. Thank you for sharing and allowing us to have some insight on how this affects your lives and how we can be there for you with prayers and support. Your on my heart and I am thinking of you both often..Im so proud of you Sarah and how strong of a woman you are. I have had numerous people read your blog on my page and have been pasting it on there own facebook page to share with others for them to pray for you as well....Very awesome to see. Hope the healing process goes by quickly and also will pray for your rest and peaceful dreams. HUGS TO YOU BOTH! :)

Sue said...

Kirk & Sarah,
Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. I know that posting daily can seem like a burden at times, but we appreciate it so very much. My prayers will be specific tonight as you requested... and continued prayers and thoughts for a total and speedy recovery.
Thank you for your bravery, determination and faith.
Hugs to you both,
Sue Galde

Christy said...

I would like to have someone prepare & deliver a meal to you 2 next week.
She is a family member on my Husbands side of the Family & also lives in Snohomish.
Please email me any special requests (low sodium, no dairy, etc) and I will set something up with her.
Even if its a day she doesn't have an appetite back, it will be good to have when her appetite returns.
Please email me your address and I will get the order started.


Heather Mayer said...

I want to do the same...let me know any allergies or dislikes..I would like to fix you a dinner if you dont mind..I love cooking and would love to take any burden off of you as I can! :) I have your address already so let me know if its ok for me to deliver something and what day works the best for you both :)

Anonymous said...

Kirk and Sarah, Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I often find myself thinking about both of you through my day knowing with each passing day Sarah is getting stronger. Reading your update this morning you said Sarah is having a bit of difficultly sleeping laying down. I had a breast reduction a couple of years back and found the only place I could sleep was in a recliner. My husband brought his recliner up to our bedroom and with pillows on each side I was able to sleep. I am a side sleeper and sleeping on my back was impossible. I'm not too sure how much sleep he got as every time I had to go the bathroom, he had to help me since I couldn't reach the handle to unlock the recliner. :-) After I got stronger and many nights later of getting up he finally got smart and took a pipe and attached it to the handle and I was able to maneuver the recliner myself. He called it my emergency break. Although, I think it was more his emergency break. :-) I must say that I chuckled about Sarah trying to pull out the Kleenex. You both are an inspiration. My prayers are with you.