Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 189

A note from Kirk: 
Today Sarah was at home while I was at work. It was my first day back at work and I felt weird about leaving my precious wife home alone but I knew she was in good hands. My mom was with Sarah all day and it put my mind at ease knowing she would be well taken care of. Today was a little interesting because at about 3AM we ran out of Sarah’s pain medication. She has another kind but it doesn’t even come close to working as well. This morning, I had to call the surgeons office at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and have them write us another prescription. Momma and Papa Hawk were kind enough to go down and pick it up so that I didn’t have to leave work. Needless to say getting more of the right pain medication took all day. Because of this, Sarah had to use the other medication that doesn’t work as well and consequently was in more pain than she wanted to be in. It sounds like a bummer of a day, but good company and frequent napping helped Sarah keep her mind off of the pain in her chest.

Sarah has been very excited about the possibility of her readers asking her lots of fun questions for an interview blog post. So, I wanted to remind you to send in your questions soon!

Please pray that the pain Sarah has been having will start to decrease greatly over this week. As well please pray that she could get her drains removed quickly as she absolutely abhors them.

HAIR UPDATE: Sarah’s hair is growing back so quickly that I wanted to measure it. I am happy to report that her longest hair is now ½ an inch. Wow!!!

Thanks for your prayers!!!



Chellie Dee said...


What have you been doing to have fun or keep your time occupied since the surgery?

Rachelle Mukilteo, WA

P.S. You look great! I can't believe that you just had surgery! Congrats on the return of you hair too!

Heather Mayer said...

Hi Sarah, you look fantastic just having surgery and all. I just purchased a pink ribbon to put on my car...thinking of you! Your on my heart every day. I admire your strength and strong will. HUGS to you!